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Group Classes

Penny Sablove, P.T. gives individual attention to class participants.

Penny Sablove, P.T. gives individual attention to class participants.

We cover a lot of ground in our group classes, and we tailor every class series to meet very specific goals of the participants.

Working with others enhances the benefits of therapeutic exercise. The components of the class vary according to the needs and goals of the members but typically include:


How It Works

You will have an individual assessment prior to starting the class series which highlights your strengths as well as your specific needs in relation to your goals.  As we cycle through the various portions of the class, people work at different levels, depending on their needs and capacities. At the end of the class series, each participant is evaluated again.

Class Size

Average class size is 6 members and provides for ample individual attention.


You can attend a group Maintaining Mobility class either a once a week or twice a week.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to maintain your mobility with a home program that addresses your particular needs.

You will also learn the rationale, in terms of physiology and anatomy, for the particular exercises you are doing.


  • increased energy
  • improve ability to use public transportation
  • more stable gait
  • improve strength for carrying things
  • navigate rugged terrain

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Balance Class starting in September

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